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What is Confidence?

What does confidence mean to me?


To answer this question, I would first like to offer up another question:

What creates confidence?


One thought is that confidence is a by-product.  A result of other things at work in our life.  Then to continue to follow that thought, a few of the stepping stones to confidence might be; Sitting in love Standing in your power Speaking your truth Now, perhaps we can go even one step further and suppose that these ideas are part of the basic building blocks of this existence, like ABC’s and 123’s, the sun in the morning and the moon in the evening.  And perhaps, when we discover these stepping stones for ourselves and learn to incorporate them into our thought word and deed, they then become as the ABC’s and 123’s, the sun in the morning and the moon in the evening on our personal journey.  They are a solid foundation upon which we can rely, and build upon. That it is the natural state and expression of our being unfettered by the conditioning and societal pressure that remove us from our true self.   This helps create confidence. I think perhaps the first one is one that facilitates the others.  Love is a place of power.  When we sit in love, speaking our truth and standing in our power come much more easily.  When we do these other two things from a place of love they carry much more weight, the ripple is bigger and the benefits are exponential.  I like to call this place quiet strength.  Our true self blossoms. When we sit in these energies, confidence follows like spring follows winter.  True confidence is not something born of arrogance or conceit.  When one is confident from a loving space of truth and power, we do not need to be many of the things that people might think of as confident.  It is not aggressive or boastful.  Just the opposite.  True confidence is powerful in a loving, kind way.

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