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Wow, what a difference. I feel so much less burdened. Everything I do doesn't feel like a monumental task anymore, like I'm fighting my way through pea soup instead of air. Now, I can just BE. Thanks so much for all you do! - K

Yesterday was a Loving, Spiritual Miracle!  My heart is light!  I truly cannot describe what took place physically and emotionally as a result of our time together! I'm Ready to "Be" who/what I'm supposed to be! - S

You are an extremely powerful healer, and it was an honor to be treated by you. - L


You have forever changed my life.  I’m so grateful our life paths crossed. Thank you for the wonderful distance healing.  I feel like a new person  - D


I finally have hope in a future and in regaining my strength and resilience.  I’m so glad we met!  -  J


I really do not know what I would do without you in my life.  What a huge difference between the ‘before' and the ‘after’ of your interventions and healing channel   - C


I will always remember and be eternally grateful for your healing powers, love and support during this time of transition.  - D


Meeting you at the Holistic Fair has forever changed my life.  Thanks for being an angel on this earth  - J


I don’t even know how to begin thanking you for your gifts, talents and help. On behalf of myself and my entire family I am so grateful.  I don’t know what will happen from here, but know a happy future is much more possible as a result of your work.  Thank you so very much.  - L


You are an awesome shaman, and I am so impressed with you!  Blessings to you and a million thanks!  - L


You have been a tremendous help and we can never repay you for that.  Everything at the house is a LOT better. - E

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