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Shamanic Healing and Other Services

Cost $100 per hour.

Average length of private sessions is 60 to 90 minutes.

Jerri specializes in shamanic energy medicine. She is a channel whose focus is on healing.  She connects with high vibrational energies and light beings, including your own guides and helpers.  Jerri accesses your luminous energy body ie: the aura and chakras.  She performs a diagnostic of your energy bodies, then works to clear heavy/negative energies, as well as current and past life influences that may be blocking you. She also works with the physical body. Her compassionate, loving approach helps you feel comfortable and supported as you move through your healing process. She empowers her clients with tools and techniques to utilize to help continue the healing process.  Many of our recurring patterns in life have roots coming forward from these energies and intrusions in our fields.  We play these out over and over again until we can clear them and the blocks they create.  Jerri helps identify and clear these out to assist you in moving forward more freely.

Jerri works in-person and remotely via the telephone.  Remote healing is amazingly effective.  Jerri has worked with clients as far away as Peru and Antarctica.  If you are unable to visit her in-person, you will find remote work a viable method for healing.

A few of the techniques and processes Jerri can perform are:

Heavy Energy Clearing

This is a diagnostic look at a client's luminous energy field. Through this process, negative entities, energies, patterns, hexes, spells, curses, vows, imprints, implants and other types of blockages are detected and removed. Thus returning the energy body and physical body more fully to their original healthy condition.



A powerful technique that allows the releasing of karma, current and past life influences, old patterns and emotional pain and trauma.


Soul Retrieval

One of the shamanic tradition's most powerful technique's. This process restores aspects of the soul that have splintered off during trauma from this lifetime and past lifetimes. A full illumination is traditionally done as a part of this session. A shamanic journey is performed on your behalf to find the missing soul parts that were lost during this trauma. After the journey is complete, the Shaman returns the soul part to your energetic body for re-integration.  It is believed that many of our recurring patterns have roots from many lifetimes and that by clearing these energies and returning these missing parts of self, we can affect deep healing on many levels, healing the past, present and future. 


Spirit Clearing

This involves helping earthbound spirits (ghosts) move to the light (known as psycho-pomping). These may be loved ones who have not moved on yet or lost souls who are looking for help. 


Home, Property and Business Clearings

Our home and work places, properties often have energies around or attached to them that can affect us in many ways.  This process can be done in person or remotely.


Other Services;

Shamanic Death and Dying Assistance and  

Wedding Ceremonies

Uncoupling Ceremonies

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