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Jerri Shaman


What is it & What Can it Do for You?

Shamanism is a spiritual practice-a belief system. One of it’s most basic tenets is the interconnectedness of all things. Our indigenous ancestors understood our relationship and connection to all inhabitants of this planet and the Universe. The rivers, trees, rocks, buffalo, the sky, Father Sun and Grandmother Moon, as well as the Mother herself, the Pachamama. In some traditions this is called the ‘Web of Life’.  Shamanism is tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of years old, and exists on every continent.  Each culture has found its own expression of this ancient practice, but common threads connect the different practices in many ways and on many levels. 

Shamans have been looked upon by their tribes as healers, mystics and spiritual counselors.  They have been called upon for everything from bringing rain to helping the dying transition to the next world.  They were consulted as to when plant crops, when to harvest, where to hunt and healing of all kinds.  They are known for their ability to 'journey' to other realms to connect and work with light beings to gather knowledge, information and bring through healing energies.  Many shamans specialize in plant medicine and have vast knowledge of indigenous plants and how they can be used to heal mind, body and spirit.  Others specialize in energy medicine-channeling healing vibrations from the spirit realms. Shamanic cultures have long had knowledge of our 'luminous energy bodies', or in today's terms, the aura and chakra systems.  Many of the ancient tradition’s practices can assist us in dealing with the fast-paced, stressful, sensory overloaded world we live in.


Shamanism has practical applications that help us to ground and stay calm. With time honored teachings and techniques passed down through the ages Shamans have assisted their tribal members in healing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to heal the past, present and future. It connects us to a way of life that is in balance and creates balance in our own lives.  Through these ancient teachings and practices, we can find our way back, to help heal ourselves and the planet.


Today shamanism thrives in many cultures across the planet. Western cultures have long dismissed shamanism, but spiritual seekers are rediscovering their ancient ancestor's wisdom and teachings.  They are embracing the wisdom, knowledge and deeply meaningful way of life that shamanism offers. 

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