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Shamanic Journeying 

Shamanic Journeying is an ancient way to connect with Spirit, used by indigenous tribes worldwide for thousands of years, to receive information, guidance and healing. It is a powerful, effective way to connect with your Higher Self, and your spirit guides. During this workshop you will learn about Shamanism, how to do shamanic journey work, breath work and participate in a Fire Ceremony. You will experience at least 4 Shamanic Journeys. You will journey to the Lower World to connect with one of your power animal guides, the Middle World and the Upper World, and have an energetic shield installed. During the Fire Ceremony you will have a chance to work with your intentions in a powerful way.


If you take this class and then sign up for the Medicine Wheel Series, you will receive $50 off the first Medicine Wheel Workshop weekend.

Sunday, November 17, 2024

9am to 5/6pm

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