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Medicine Wheel


Next group meets the weekends 

Group #8 Dates

South~July 14,15,16 2023

West A~Sept 29, 30 Oct 1 2023

West B~January 26,27,28 2024

North~April 19,20,21 2024

East~July 12,13,14 2024

Advanced 1~November 1,2,3 2024

Advanced 2~January 18,19, 2025

Advanced 3~May 3,4, 2025

Advanced 4~July 12,13, 2025


Cost $400 per weekend

(cost does not include lodging,)

Join us in a gorgeous

mountain setting.

Many different indigenous cultures throughout the world participate in their own version of the Medicine Wheel. This Medicine Wheel program is in the Peruvian Quero’ tradition of the Andes.

The Medicine Wheel is a transformational journey of self-discovery and healing. This training has been passed down from teacher to initiate for thousands of years. During the Wheel, the student builds their own personal medicine bundle and receives a series of initiations which connects them to an ancient lineage, guides and angels.  The student learns to do shamanic journeying and participates in ceremonies. The training teaches techniques and processes for healing that are life-changing. During this course you will learn basic information about Shamanism, shamanic journeying, install an energetic shield, shamanic breath work and basic chakra clearing.

The program is a series of 5 weekend workshops that take place over the course of about one year. They take place Friday evenings, all day Saturday and Sunday. Upon completion of the Medicine Wheel Series, additional advanced training classes are available.  The format for the advanced work is the same as the Wheel, with each class taught over the course of a weekend.

We are dedicated to keeping this knowledge and wisdom accessible and affordable to all. We are committed to small class sizes for the utmost in hands on training and maximum benefit to the student.


Salida CO USA

Group #9 dates

South~December 1,2,3, 2023

West A~March 1,2,3, 2024

West B~May 17,18,19, 2024

North~August 9,10,11 2024

East~November 8,9,10, 2024

Adv 1~January 24,25,26 2025

Advanced 2~March 29,30, 2025

Advanced 3~May 17,18, 2025

Advanced 4~Jult=y 19, 20, 2025


4 advanced classes are currently being offered.

Heavy Energy Clearing


Soul Retrievals

Death & Dying

Contact Jerri below to register for any of these classes.

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