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Listening Links

Upper World Journey

36 minute guided journey to the  Upper World

Lower World Journey

26 minute guided journey to the Lower World.

 60 minute rattling track for Shamanic Journeying .

Angel clouds.jpg


Meeting an

Angel or 

Spirit Guide

Drumming track for Journeying

29 minute drumming track performed by Clarke St. Dennis. Click on link  below.

Rattling track for Journeying

 30 minute rattling track performed by Clarke St. Dennis

Pachamama Meditaton/Journey

A 12 minute guided  journey to connect  to Pachamama, Mother Earth. It assists with grounding , releasing stress, negativity heavy energies and emotions. It can help promote sleep, relieve anxiety  and calm the energy field. Click on link below.

60 Minute 

Drumming Track

with callback

Power Animal Journey

A  28 minute guided journey to the Lower World to connect with an animal spirit guide

Journeying Overview

 A 5 minute introduction to shamanic journeying. This track is helpful if you are new to journeying.

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