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Jerri and the mountains

About Jerri

About Jerri

Jerri's spiritual journey began in earnest in 1990. She studied different healing modalities and paths, and in 2007 found her roots and her wings  when she began her studies of the Medicine Wheel.  She is an initiated 4th Level Kuraq Akeulleq Priest and Wisdomkeeper in the Peruvian Q'uero tradition. This tradition comes from the high Andes mountains of Peru. Her primary teachers are Ginger Lee and Clarke St. Dennis, also initiated as Kuraq Akeulleq's.  The lineage that has been passed down to her by these wonderful teachers includes, among others,  Don Antonio, John English, Rolling Thunder and Alberto Villoldo.


Jerri has an active shamanic practice and teaches. See the healing  and workshop pages for details. She currently  works several holistic fairs in Colorado.  These fairs currently  include Denver, Colorado Springs and Ft. Collins.  Jerri lives in the mountains of central Colorado at the base of the continental divide and enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, traveling and hot springing.


Connecting with ancient energies and the ancestors in places such as  Machu Picchu, Apu Ausangate in Peru, Chaco Canyon and Shiprock are an important part of integrating her life and work.

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